Hunting Do nots You ought to Think of

The fall season is when most hunters today carry out their hunting activities. This activity in addition would require ample time to set up all the required gears as well as the equipment and firearms to be used. There are actually a lot of hunters today who want to do the hunt ahead of others. A lot of hunters today also look for a place to sleep outdoors just to make sure they don’t miss out their target.

In this regard, it is essential that you are equipped with the right gear such as the camping tent, tools to make fire and others.
There are certainly a dozen things you need to remember with regard to camping and hunting and among them are these things that you mustn’t do.

The fire for your camp should always be considered. To avoid wild fire, have boulders placed around your camp fire and dig a hole where your fire will be established. If you can’t put up a camp fire properly then chances are you’ll end up with serious problems.

You should have water accessible to you just in case of emergency or when you want to put off the camp fire. Having to secure the area of your camp fire is also imperative. It is definitely advisable to have a camp fire since it is a good source of warmth and can also provide a good cooking place. This should not be taken for granted.

As you sleep or leave your camp site, be sure to dispose of any left over food. In the wild, there are many animals that have their eyes on you just the way you have your eyes on your trophy. The olfactory senses of such animals are greater than humans. The moment you get back to your camp site, any lying food in the open will be gone. Have a portable container or storage unit to avoid the thieving animals.

If you’re tired at the end of the day, you can’t just crawl to your sleeping bag and sleep immediately. It is definitely warm and comfortable inside the sleeping bag however there are also other animals that are drawn to it. These animals would involve species of snakes, lizards, bugs as well as rodents. Before using your sleeping bag, be sure to have shaken it off of any possible animals or insects. Having to do so will help you sleep well and at ease.

You shouldn’t bury garbage in the forest or in the wild. The forest have lots of animals with claws that can dig anything underground including garbage and they’ll just scatter it around the camping area. You will need to ensure that the camp site is CLAYGO or “clean as you go”.

Following these don’ts will guarantee you the best hunting and camping experience.


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